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2019 took us from Washington D.C. to the Salish Sea. It brought us into the most beautiful and diverse communities. It grew us, shined on us, taught us, and grew us some more. We’ve walked the cold halls of jails and danced on stages backed by horns, drums, and astounding singers. We’ve keynoted conferences where attendees sat around tables as we addressed collectively the most pressing issues of our time, and we’ve celebrated life, in rooms full of stomping, cheering bodies.
Thank you so much
for every experience
every smile
every reflection
every hug
every affirmation
of this work
We are because you are
We reached over 15,500 people
through performances, workshops, and keynote presentations.
This small, all women operation couldn’t have been what it was, if not for the powerful force of Isis Indriya & Ida Cheng behind it! You two really made magic with us this year. Thank you!
We put together 3-18 piece bands
17 different times, across the country
mostly made up of women and people of color!
To everyone who learned the music of INTRINSIC, and also trusted the moment, improvising beautiful melodies our words & lyrics could soar upon.
Did that!
Alixa represented Climbing Poetree at the border in El Paso, featuring
Tony Abernathy and Claudia Cuentas. Together, they joined forces with Eve Ensler, One Billion Rising, Alianza Nacional de Campesinas, and La Mujer Obrera to bring attention to the unjust deportations, captivity of children in detention camps, and the inhumane conditions migrants are forced to live in when arriving to this country.
We will be returning
to El Paso on February 15th, 2020, to bring even more attention, funds, and support to our global family at the border with One Billion Rising
and beyond.
It was a blast. A gift. An honor. Thank you!
We hope these winter days find you warm,
surrounded by love, and tending inward!