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It’s time y’all!
We are so hyped fam, to share this new video with you, and hope it lifts you and offers good medicine. We Rising Up is Climbing PoeTree‘s 4th music video release from INTRINSICa triumphant anthem insisting that dignity, safety, and self-determination for all Black people is a prerequisite for universal justice.
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The song features Grammy Nominated singer Carolyn Malachi, (pictured above) all-Black string ensemble Rootstock Republic.
The video highlights people in our community who are dedicated & visionary change makers, community arts practitioners, social justice advocates, radical teachers, urban growers and healers!
We hope this song gives us courage to continue striving toward a future where all Black lives matter, with an unflinching commitment to healing from the racism that harms us all.
Read more about the inspiration behind this video and ways to support the Movement for Black Life here!
…to everyone who came together to make this video possible! Click the image above to see all the people whose magic is in the mix!!! Special thanks and shout out to The Ghetto Film School and Truthworker Hip Hop Theater Company.
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Movement for Black Lives!
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