Music Credits

Lyrics Written and performed by Alixa Garcia & Naima Penniman (Climbing PoeTree) feat. Grammy Nominated singer Carolyn Malachi

Musical Arrangement by Reina Williams

Collaborating musicians: Ganessa James (bass), Allison Miller (drums), Rachel Eckroth (keys), Alex Nolan (guitar), Juliette Jones (violin), Stephanie Matthews (violin), Malcolm Parson (cello), Chris Johnson (upright bass), Marcus Rojas (tuba), Reut Reguev (trombone), Nadje Noordhuis (trumpet)

Toshi Reagon (Producer)

Todd Carder, Bunker Studios (Engineer)

Scott Jacoby, Eusonia (Mixing & additional Production)

Josh Valleau (Mixing & additional Production)

Naima’s lyrics from Verse 2 were inspired by submissions from the 2000+ participants who took part in the first National Convening for the Movement For Black Lives (M4BL National Convening) that took place in Cleveland on July 2015:

“Black people are Powerful beyond measure…

Black people are a gorgeous rebellion by the simple act of being born.”

Video Credits

Produced by: Alixa Garcia, Naima Penniman, and Salvador Bolivar

Director of Photography: Salvador Bolivar

Shot by: Salvador Bolivar and Alixa Garcia

Edited by: Alixa Garcia (principal) with additional contributions by Salvador Bolivar

Conceived and Directed by: Alixa Garcia & Naima Penniman



James Forza
Samara Gaev
Enlil McRae
Donnay Edmund
Carnell Kieth Stewart
Monica Anderson
Desi Ramos


Jalal Sabur
Mercy Carpenter
Richardson Louissaint
Ida Cheng
Brianne Moore
Enlil McRae
Corey Fletcher
Natalie Sablon
Ayano Stickland
Taina Strickland
Chauniqua Young


Micah BlackLight
Donnay Edmunds
Carnell Kieth Stewart
Taganyahu Swaby

Studio Portraits:

Leah Mohammed
Desi Ramos
Ché F.M.
Tracee Brown
Carl Johnson Jr
Piper Anderson
Neicy Webster
Rolando Brown
Ashley Brockington
Rebecca Oliver
Zafar Mohammed
Monstah Black
Manchild Black

On Site Portraits:

Karen Washington
Terressa Tate
Tiffany LeNoi Jones
Jerome Lagarrigue


Carolyn Malachi
Alixa Garcia
Naima Penniman

Make up:

Brittany Renee Nugent


Special Thanks to:

The Ghetto Film School
Truthworker Hip Hop Theater Company
Angoleiros, Brooklyn Capoeira Crew
Black Women’s Blueprint
NYC Shut It Down: The Grand Central Crew #blacklivesmatter
Women’s March organizers