Climbing PoeTree, Brooklyn’s soul-sister co-conspiracy of arts activists, is gearing up for its next national tour with Alixa and Naima’s highly-anticipated two-woman show, “HURRICANE SEASON: the hidden messages in water.” A multi-media show about unnatural disaster and a great shift in universal consciousness, HURRICANE SEASON seeks not to captivate audiences but to liberate them! Watch this 6 min video by Keith Wasserman and read more about this exciting movement below.

Currently Climbing PoeTree is undertaking the most landmark production of its career with a national tour that obliterates the boundaries between performance and activism. Hurricane Season: The Hidden Messages in Water is a multi-media two-woman show that interweaves spoken word poetry, sound collage, shadow art, dance, film and animation to explore critical issues facing humanity through the kaleidoscope of Hurricane Katrina and its aftermath. A riveting story about unnatural disaster and a great shift in universal consciousness, Hurricane Season connects global warming, environmental injustice, policing, prisons, militarization, corporate domination, gentrification, and displacement as they manifest from one gulf to another, with a powerful tale of resistance, resilience, creativity and survival. A “solutions-cipher” will follow every show where audience members will participate in a dialog featuring local grassroots organizations, healers and visionaries drawing vital connections between shared struggles and common solutions in a critical moment in human history.

The Hurricane Season national tour will begin on the third anniversary of Hurricane Katrina (August 29, 2008) and travel throughout the Atlantic hurricane season. Alixa and Naima will travel throughout the country in a vehicle converted to run on vegetable oil recycled from America’s fast food addiction.

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