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Greetings Extended Family,


We are incredibly moved by the outpouring of love and and power shared on Saturday to celebrate Climbing PoeTree‘s 10 year anniversary! We are eternally thankful to all the people and forces that joined together to make the night so magical, and for the multitude of beautiful spirits that filled the National Black Theater to the brim with tremendous energy and beauty!

And we thank all of YOU who have supported us throughout the last 10 years, and who have made our work meaningful by letting it MOVE you!

Check out some photos from the event and more thank you’s below!


With Eternal Gratitude,

Alixa & Naima

Thank you to all the performers who gave such mind blowing offerings! 

Leah Penniman

Amber Henry

Arooj Aftab 

Abena Koomson

Beatrice Anderson

Jasmine Burems 

Taina Asili


Julie Brown


Valerie Evering

Adaku Utah

Samara Gaev

Emily Carpenter

Thank you to all the volunteers who held it down! 

Que Alequin


Sarah Quinter

Venus Zephyr Free

Diana Warwin

Dimitrea Tokunbo


Tinuola Rose

Capers Rumph

Alicia Pettys

Sade Bruce


Brianne Moore

Adaku Utah

Samara Gaev

Thank you to our band:


Kala (percussion)
Mazz Swift (violin)
Alex Nolan (guitar)
T. Tate (bass)


Beatrice Anderson (vocals)

Jasmine Burems (vocals)

Arooj Aftab

& Special Guests:

Taina Asili

Gaetano Vaccaro

Tonya Abernathy


Thank you Sallome for hosting!  


Thank you to Chef Katie Key

for providing nourishment and Venus Zephyr Free for keeping the wine flowing!



Thank you to Swoon and Corey Pane for the beautiful artwork of us! GASP! 


Thank you to all the magnificent models for strutting so fiercely down the catwalk! 


Emily Morenike Carpenter
Mercy Carpenter
Daví DeShaun Davis
Jonah Vitale-Wolff
Nehemoyia Young
Kim Knox
Tehila Wise
Morgan Hawkins
Miste Roule
Samara Gaev
Adaku Utah   
Thank you Jordan Flaherty for donating copies of your incredible book, Floodlines 


Thank you Marcellite for filming and Jess Ho for taking photos.


Thank you to the National Black Theater, Dr Barbara Ann Teer, Nabii Faison, and the staff. 

And thank you to everyone

who came out to share in and spread the LOVE!!! 



this is the moment 


when we gather up 

our fallen angels

and build a temple, 


we’ve been hibernating below 

the surface of the world

growing roots

dreaming of sun

thirsting for rain


we sprout

crack concrete


the bullets and toxic exhale 

of a machine built to kill

we rise 

like sunshine

the shadows, our memory

of the struggle it took 

to lift our heads above drowning 

we breathe

exhale this sky full of stars

pregnant with moon

trace the constellations 

in the shape of our revelation for tomorrow


this tomorrow has no name

but we are calling her forth

this tomorrow is not the same 

as yesterday

but she is as ancient as the world

we are ready for light

we are ready to live

ready to hold each other 

against the rim of existence

cause they who build concrete 

against the corners of our hearts

need to feel our resistance

like a million tender blades of grass 

cracking sidewalks apart


reminding your runaway child

there is no place 

that love cannot find you 


~Climbing PoeTree 







Photos with black rim by Samara Gaev. Photos with white rim by Jessica Ho. more photos click here!
details of the event Like us on Facebook 


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