“Climbing PoeTree” containing 70 original poems by Alixa and Naima, published by Whit Press.

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“Climbing PoeTree is a soulful expression. Alixa Garcia and Naima Penniman are deep thinkers and gifted poets. I am moved profoundly by the power of their words!”

~Cornel West, philosopher, academic, activist, author

“These poems… inspire us to be stronger, be braver, to do more for each other, to give more, require more, to hold more, to let go, to be more accountable, to hold each other more accountable. These words insist we be our sisters’ keepers, our own big brothers- these truths argue that regardless of our differences, all of us who share this planet are family.”

~Staceyann Chin, HBO Def Jam poet, author of The Other Side of Paradise

“Each time I have the pleasure of attending a performance by Climbing PoeTree, I feel enriched, renewed, and inspired. Alixa and Naima insist that poetry can change the world–and it is true that the urgency, power and beauty of their words impel us to keep striving for the radical futures toward which they gesture.”

~ Angela Y. Davis, political activist, scholar, Distinguished Professor Emerita, UCSC

“These stunning poems prove that there is something sacred, unyielding and deeply human in walking the path of rebellion. Climbing PoeTree offers us a language, a soundtrack, a heartbeat-rhythm for how to speak with courage.”

~ Carlos Andrés Gómez, poet, actor, author of Man Up: Cracking the Code of Modern Manhood

“With vision and rhythm, Naima and Alixa’s poems stretch from souls-deep toward the radiant pulsing horizon. Look and listen—Climbing PoeTree might take you exactly where you need to go.”

~Jeff Chang, hip hop journalist and critic, author of Can’t Stop Won’t Stop

“Two poets, Naima Penniman and Alixa Garcia, climb one poetree. Their roots run deep, their branches spread out to humanity. They write of pain and disaster, unconditional love, hope without end. They make us feel. They spell love backward: evolve. Climb the poetree, it is the sound of the people. This book is wonderful. Read it!”

~ Amina Baraka, singer, Black Arts Movement poet, actress and activist

“This work is the glass shattering, a womb awakening, a brown scream. The exalted sound of a poet’s heart. Warrior women, called writers. griots. our holders of truth and words and history. A book opening is also a birth. This is one child you will want to honor, rename and share with your tribe. This is the glory of water, a weight, a push of language we won’t fear. This work is a long time coming.”

~ jessica Care moore, poet, publisher, Moore Black Press

“This collection of poems by Alixa and Naima is such an extraordinary personal journal that allows us to view the making of activist poets who live the life they write about. They have arrived right on time to do the work they were ordained to do, speaking with passionate love for life to inspire where hope has been depleted. The power of their poetry is in their ability to call it like it is without apology to anyone, bold and unafraid to take on those who stand in the way of a free and loving world. Alixa and Naima’s poems will make your heart sing, your hands clap, and make you say a few curse words. Hold on for a ride through the trenches of personal transformation, political education and some of the best poetry you’ve ever read.”

~Mae Jackson, Black Arts Movement poet, writer, and activist