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As our Spring National Tour continues to unfurl fervently, we have some exciting updates! Oupoetry book has gone to press! And a new video poem we produced with the Pachamama Alliance just went live on Earth Day!

In the midst of our busy touring schedule, our off-stage commitments to healing and justice work, and our alluring creative aspirations, we are clear we need support to continue to evolve as Climbing PoeTree.

We are rocking too many hats, and want to invite members of our extended community to turn this 2-women operation into a dream-team-machine!

See below if you or someone you know is interested in getting involved in supporting our movement! Thank you fam!

abounding with gratitude,

Alixa & Naima


Climbing PoeTree’s Book Has Gone 

To Press! 

Scheduled release June 2014!

We are excited to announce the imminent release of our first official book! Whit Press is publishing “Climbing PoeTree,” containing 70 original poems by Alixa and Naima. We’ll let you know when the book becomes available online! In the meantime, check out what notables like Angela Davis and Cornel West have said about the contents! 

Big thanks to Claudia Mauro for all your conviction in our work!


“When The Last Tree Stands Alone”
Check out this brand new video produced by the Pachamama Alliance of Climbing PoeTree performing “When the Last Tree Stands Alone,” an environmental justice poem dedicated to bringing forth an ecologically sustainable, spiritually fulfilling and socially just human presence on the planet.
Written and performed: Climbing PoeTree
Music: Fenyang Smith
Mandala Graphics: Climbing PoeTree
Video Edited: Michael Chappell


Climbing PoeTree is seeking interns and teammates to expand our capacity for creative advancement! If you are interested in supporting in any of the following areas, click here to inquire!

Social Media Sorceress
  • Keeping the web threads connected with our offerings via FB, twitter, tumblr, and other such inter-net-workings!

Booking Support
  • Front line reinforcement on tour booking, travel coordination, and email communications.

Solution Cipher Coordinator

  • Building relationships with local grassroots healing & justice movements in the cities that Climbing PoeTree will be touring to in order to create conduits for trans-local sharing of solutions, strategies, and support at that shows. 


STITCHED Skipper & Stitchers

  • Someone local (NYC) who is down to help mend and maintain the tapestry in tip-top shape, coordinate local instillations of the project, as well as photograph squares for tumblr page. Also looking for stitchers anywhere who would be happy to help sew new squares as we collect them!
What is S.T.I.T.C.H.E.D.?


Creative Comrades
  • Specifically animators, music makers, and producers to partner in forthcoming album and multilateral media creation.