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Peace Beloved Family!


Here’s a little gift from us to you! in the spirit of generosity, creativity, & inspiration. We are debuting our fist music video today! 



(la libertad no se para)

a new song about the unstoppable 

power of the people.


Be the first to see it! 


Directed by Basil Shadid, from Dual Power Productions, the video features a myriad of activists, educators, and radical artists in NYC, Seattle, and the Bay Area.


Happy Holidays! Enjoy!


Climbing PoeTree - HEART LED REBELLION (Official Music Video)
Climbing PoeTree
HEART LED REBELLION (Official Music Video)

Here’s a link to the lyrics.

We’ll have subtitles soon to make it accessible to people who need to see the captions!


The beat is by Shinning Soul


Check out the Dual Power Productions website for a full lists of credits.


Thank you to all the beautiful people who represent Love, Power, and Heart Led Rebellion in this video, and everyone who contributed to its creation! Special thanks to Basil Shadid who believed in this vision, and put his resources and talents behind us to make it happen!


With Heart

Alixa & Naima