who replants today despite unwelcoming soil
so tomorrow can be worthy of the roots;
Your children will grow up to be oak trees
who cracks lies
until the grass finds enough spine
to break concrete and taste rain
for the first time;
Your children will sing unconquered through hurricanes

who names the nameless
and speaks of their suffering
so we never forget the familiarity of their essence;
Your children will be unashamed of their reflection

who pushes against the jagged perimeters
thrusting your weight until you can mold freedom
regardless of the danger;
Your children will dance bravely through sorrow

who goes barefoot and empty handed
despite the boots heavy and gun you’ve been given
leaving destiny untouched;
Your children will be prophets,
have fate pressed against their eyes

who has been brave enough to move through the earthquakes of heart-break
and carry love into ancestry with permanence
Your children will forgive the ghosts that have haunted their nights
and open the door for their departure in the morning


by Alixa