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Alixa is techincal director, mentor, and media maker for  Truthworker Theatre Company.

Truthworker is a social justice based, hip-hop theatre company for High School and college-aged youth. Truthworker raising awareness and catalyzing action for racial, gender, and economic justice through three multimedia productions. This trilogy, comprised of original hip-hop theatre that moves from the school-to-prison pipeline (BAR CODE), through the impacts and practices of solitary confinement and capital punishment (IN|PRISM), and into re-entry post incarceration (RE:VISION).  Young visionaries directly impacted by the prison industrial complex write and perform original productions that interrogate and challenge systems of oppression, invite healing dialogue, and foster artistic interventions, inspiring solutions for collective liberation. Truthworker is a safe space for youth to be the subjects, not the objects, of their stories as they unpack, problematize, & shift the dominant, often stereotypical narratives in mainstream media.

Our new production, RE:VISION- A State of Emergence explores the profound but often untold journeys that people take after release from prison, addressing reintegration in the age of mass incarceration. This work in progress will be showcasing November 17th-20thm 2017.  CLICK HERE for details.