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Happy 2015!



Peace Beautiful People

We hope this message finds you jumping heart-first into 2015!

We are suspended in gratitude for a tremendous 2014! This is our end of the year photographic report/recap/summary. Check out everything below testifying to the magic!

Thank you from the belly of our souls to everyone who has stood by us, shown us love, blown our minds, organized a show, spread our word, and made our work meaningful by letting it move you to action.

Wishing you deep connection, balance, 

and abundant love for the new year!

With All Our Hearts,

Alixa & Naima

2 women
365 days

This year we did 65 shows

reaching 31,960 people

covered over 12,761 miles,

from Atlanta to Hawaii, Scotland to Thailand!

We were keynote presenters at 12 conferences

and 27 universities nationwide. 

We did 10 feature-length radio interviews (listen here),
silk screened 1142 shirts by hand (buy here),

and rocked out 3 times with an 8 piece band!

Everything self-organized! Give-a-hoot for independent artists!


We Started the year…

…with a 4 island tour throughout H’awaii. Self organized and community created, this 10 show-tour with Leah Song & Biko Casini of Rising Appalachia was an incredible odyssey. Thank you to the magic in the islands & the resilience of its people.

Continued Highlights include:
New Story Summit, Findhorn Foundation, Scotland (Alixa Rep) 
The International Council of 13 Indigenous Grandmothers
Equinox Gathering at the Red Rock Desert, Arizona.
Creative Wildfire: Arts Culture and Climate Justice (Naima Rep)
Harvard University, Cambridge, MA.
Lightning in a Bottle Festival, California.
Ella Baker Freedom Summer, Chicago.
Brooklyn Museum, BK, NY.


In July we had a beautiful celebration and concert, reading never-before-performed poetry with some of our favorite musicians! To get your copy Click Here

(most of the photos below by Nivea Castro)

2015 marks the 10 year anniversary of

Since the wake of Hurricane Katrina we have been collecting people’s Stories, Testimonies, Intentions, Truths, Confessions, Healing, Expressions & Dreams on square pieces of cloth and sewing them together into a colorful tapestry of over 10,000 submissions. We’ve facilitated hundreds of workshops from high schools to prisons with this ever-growing truth-telling project!

Click here for a the birth story


Making Videos!

Throughout the summer and fall we shot 6 high definition videos for the 6 central poems featured in the Hurricane Season Curriculum. The videos showcase stunning locations, incredible acrobatic feats by some of NYC’s top dancers (DecaDance, Theater, Secada, Samara Gaev, Akim Funk Buddah) among others, and highlight the artwork of Swoon.





We’ve had the incredible honor to meet and present alongside some powerhouses this year! Some notables pictured below are  our personal heroes! L to R: Vandana Shiva (Global environmental activist), Michelle Alexander (Best Selling Author of The New Jim Crow), Naomi Klein (Best Selling Author of Shock Doctrine), Sonia Sanchez (Black Arts Movement Poet), Van Jones (Globally recognized civil rights activist & attorney) and bell hooks (Black Thought feminist). We also had the honor of to performing for 15,000 people opening for Little Dragon!!!


  Collective Healing in Haiti


Naima went to Haiti for the 8th time since the earthquake that rocked the nation 5 years ago with Ayiti Resurrect, a project she started in its aftermath to bring together African-heritage healers, artists, and farmers to work in solidarity for collective healing in her ancestral homeland. Ayiti Resurrect is a powerful model of community resilience and trans local solidarity in the face of unnatural disaster. Take 5 minutes to

watch this video

Naima created to give you a vivid window into the collective, and the limitless possibilities born when people come together in true partnership with one another!

Thank you for your continued support in
2015! We cannot wait to see what comes to fruition this year!

With love,
Alixa & Naima