Beloved Community,

We are doing something daring, risky, wild, unknown to us in 16 years. We are taking 2020 as a sabbatical year from the stage! After much contemplation, we’ve decided to pause touring in order to nurture our work off stage and tune our instruments for deeper listening. As the planet shifts and asks for us all to give ourselves fully to the transformation required, we’ve chosen to say yes.

We’ve been blessed to be pollinators, passing poems, fertilizing imaginations, proliferating pathways to alternate futures. We’ve organized 40 national and international tours, using our voices to talk about complex and pressing social and environmental justice issues, center solutions, activate change, and awaken inspiration. We’ve been blessed to spread our message and medicine in so many places with so many people, from classrooms to prisons, farms to festivals, soup kitchens to world-renowned stages.

It’s been an incredibly powerful journey. We’ve seen waves of love crash upon the shores of a burning world. To have our work truly touch, move and fuel people is a gift beyond words. To see massive cultural shifts– that we are a small intrinsic part of– taking place over time, is to experience the true gift of what it means to be alive in our purpose.

We are also grateful for the unending gift of trust. To know when it is time to dissolve and evolve, to sink into chrysalis form.

After 16 years of moving more than we are still, we are reclaiming time to root deeper, stay longer, keep returning. To nurture the creative source, find balance, and focus on our transformative work.

We will continue to dedicate our energy to the myriad community projects and purpose work we are devoted to off-stage, from We [email protected] to Shadow Boxing, Soul Fire Farm to Wildseed Healing Village, Harriet’s Apothecary to solidarity work in Haiti. We will continue to put out media (new songs, videos, Solutions Spotlights), and curate the S.T.I.T.C.H.E.D. project, collecting and displaying first-hand stories through this massive collaborative tapestry of truth.

We are enlivened to see what comes from this time! No matter what direction we take after this hiatus from the stage, we are both committed to continuing to work for justice and community resilience, collaborating with nature as she heals herself, and actualizing our creative purpose at the service of this sacred Earth.

Thank you for being with us, for being part of us, for your love and blessings.

We are because you are.


Alixa & Naima