1. Ammunition
  2. I Am Here
  3. Emmet
  4. History Repeats
  5. Before I Was Born
  6. For The Soul Survivors
  7. Obituary For The Government, Eulogy For The Dead
  8. They Are Selling The Rain
  9. Even If She Can't Fly
  10. Being Human (Live)
  11. Para Las Mujeres
  12. Between Us (Live)
  13. I Wanna Believe
  14. Awakening (Live)
  15. I Got Wings
  16. Your Smile Is Like Water (Live)

This double disc is a double dose of impassioned poetics and infectious beats. Raw, bold, and unclassifiable, AMMUNITION is a collection of poems, prayers, and anthems for a world filled with contradiction, love and struggle. One album holds the music, collaboration with singers, beat makers, hip hop artist from all over the world, the other is a fiery live performance in Humboldt, California!

Performed by Alixa & Naima. AMMUNITION features Francis Phan, Resom Dhac, Subtech, and Siddhartveda on beats, Bryonn Bain, Anjali, Lady Malone, Sparlha Swa and Iyeoka Okoawo on vocals.

Album Reviews

Each time I have the pleasure of attending a performance by Climbing PoeTree, I feel enriched, renewed, and inspired. Alixa and Naima insist that poetry can change the world — and it is true that the urgency, power and beauty of their words impel us to keep striving for the radical futures toward which they gesture.
Angela Y. Davis, political activist, scholar, Distinguished Professor Emerita, UCSC