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Glorious New Year Beautiful Soul,
2017 was quite the year! As a human race we’ve been faced with unfathomable terror and seen astounding triumph. We pray that our work is a drop in an ocean of successes that will slowly, but surely over-write the future we are walking into. Like the Zapatistas say, “despacio como el caracol pero con un constante movimiento haci adelante.”




We are excited to share with you some of the miracles, challenges and magic we experienced in 2017 through photos and stories.
Thank YOU for being part of our journey!


We started off the year debuting Love Will Triumph at the Women’s March in Washington D.C. for millions of people across the world, our first time performing it live! That day we also released the
music video
for the song and launched

an online solution-sharing platform to spread the good news about how people everywhere are mobilizing to contribute
toward more healthy, just, resilient, regenerative communities. Please spread these resources as points of inspiration and activation!  


After a year and a half journey bringing together 33 musicians and vocalists to create a new collection of love songs and anthems for our times, we released our new album INTRINSIC to sold out East Coast and West Coast audiences. Get your copy HERE  

Zig zagging our way through our nation devastated by the onslaught of the current administration, we gathered like imaginal cell clusters with other solutionaries to strengthen our convictions for a world of safety, justice, and reverence for life.


It was a phenomenal experience to rock out with 6-21 piece bands and dancers, mostly made of powerful women and people of color. It was another type of force all together! We want to thank everyone who came to a show, supported our album, saw our music videos, and spread word about our work!  
Make sure to catch a show this coming year! Gracias!  

we put out 3 new music videos
this past year. Check them out here and spread the love!  

In 2017 S.T.I.T.C.H.E.D. both grew and reduced in size! It expanded with collective power from appearances at
Harriet’s Apothecary, WILDSEED, Soul Fire 
and our national tour, and then sadly we LOST a
portion of the tapestry that went missing on our October flight from Memphis! These colorful flags hold
more than 10,000 handwritten Stories, Testimonies, Intentions, Truths, Confessions, Healing, Expressions, & Dreams from people we’ve met across the country and the world over the last 12 years. Please visualize its safe return to us and our community!
Follow S.T.I.T.C.H.E.D on Instagram @stitched_by_climbingpoetree 

That we got to rock with.


This year brought us closer to some of our favorite powerhouse comrades and inspirations roaming this expansive world, in case you don’t know these powerful folks, check them out!
Actor & activist
Singer & activist
Political speaker & activist
Host of Democracy Now! & activist
Actor & activist

Cultural philosopher & activist  


Co-founder of Black Lives Matter
Musicians & activists
Amazonian Activist
Playwright, actor & activist
Culinary artist, activist
Professor, activist



This year has been immense fires and devastation that have utterly transformed landscapes and lives, from California, Mexico, the Caribbean, Florida, Bali, Brazil & Puerto Rico.  

As the world around us swirls with flames & floods, Alixa and her partner Samara have been in a storm of their own. On Oct 16th, they survived a terrifying fire–confronted by flames & surrounded by smoke, they fought, but lost their cherished home–a haven to the youth, a respite to the traveling artists & activists, a space for meetings, community gatherings, rehearsals, curriculum development, art creation, & even memorial services for loved ones. They are in need of widespread support in this time of dislocation, panic attacks, legal mazes, and uncertainty. What a beautiful opportunity we have to remember that none of us are alone in this time of destruction and disruption taking place on so many levels. Please support as much as you can to their fundraiser and send prayers for the irrepressible renewal to come from their loss. We are in this together!  


We are beyond grateful for the profound blessings and teachings of 2017, and for the incredible ways our deepest passion and devotion was given meaning. We are honored to be alive with you in this time of great shifting, that calls us all to our highest potential, to wage love and spin this world into balance. We cherish you, and can’t wait to dance, march, sing, dream, get dirty, and build boldly with you into 2018!



Alixa & Naima