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We are moved beyond words! Our Kickstarter to support our forthcoming album, INTRINSIC, closed successfully on Monday, surpassing our base goal!

564 backers pledged $50,948 toward INTRINSIC, making it possible for us to produce this new love offering for the world! Our gratitude spills over.

This journey has been profound. To experience the gesture of generosity and receptivity with the same motion of the same hand. To confront the fear of asking and the stigma of need. To feel held by our community. To believe in our work enough. To practice strategy and surrender. To know that this art is medicine, and this medicine matters.

Thank you to each person who contributed monetarily, every one who was fanning the flames and giving us spiritual fortification, and spreading the word, and believing in the success of this campaign, and who is now celebrating this victory!




A number of people missed the deadline for the campaign and are asking if they can still donate. Yes you can! CLICK HERE. Any additional donations will go towards the publicity and booking support we need to make sure this album has a wide impact when it drops.

If you want to pre-buy the album before it comes out this summer CLICK HERE. (It’s kind of like a CSA where you support the farmer at the top of the season so they can afford to plant the seeds, and then share in the harvest when it’s time to reap!)

We are so excited to share INTRINSIC with you!



Alixa & Naima

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